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Welcome behind the scenes of ""

Dear visitor,

Welcome to South Africa Tours and I hope you are finding it interesting and helpful as a source of information about our great country South Africa. My name is Henk Aartsma and I am an age 60+ senior citizen.

Born in Holland in 1946, I put my feet on South African soil In October 1964 for a one year working holiday. It did not take long for me to absolutely fall in love with this fantastic country. Not long thereafter I fell in love again, but now with a lovely girl called Adri, who has been my wife for the last 41 years. By the way, she is the "Us" in "About Us".

And so the one year working holiday turned into permanent residence. Also born in Holland, my wife grew up in South Africa from the age of 6.

We had to move to the Netherlands in 2001 for employment related reasons, much against our wishes, hoping to return to South Africa in due course. In the meantime we visit South Africa as often as we can, which is at least once and often twice a year.

Living in the Netherlands, a long distance away from our beloved South Africa, was quite sobering and the passion and love for our "rainbow" country became very clear to us. More and more we felt the urge to share this love and passion with you, with others, with the rest of the world.

So this is what our website is about:

  • To provide you with a variety of information that will help you make your South Africa experience an exciting and enjoyable one, whether you want to visit our country, or just learn about it. That includes sharing with you our personal experiences as South Africans.

  • To support our country by promoting tourism. Tourism is one of the pillar stones in South Africa's economy, especially as far as job creation is concerned. Creating jobs is an absolute necessity to combat the high unemployment and poverty in our country. We hope to make a contribution with this website.

  • And last but not least to overcome our homesickness by keeping close contact with our beloved country and family and also to keep alive our dreams of returning there one day.

That, dear visitor, is our story. Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our beautiful country South Africa.

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