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Share Your South Africa Travel Stories, Tips and Info

Share your South Africa travel stories telling people why South Africa comes close to paradise for tourists and holiday makers who are looking for the experience of a lifetime, that is what this site is all about.

If you have a story about South Africa, please share it with us. We will convert your story with picture (if you send us one) into your own web page on this website.

Here are some great stories that others have shared with us.

Ode to KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa
I'm sitting watching at half past five, the sun that’s rising in the sky
The picture it paints across the sea, is there for everyone to see
It blushes orange pink and red, as it rises then goes back to bed.......

Wild Encounters at the Kruger National Park
Arguably the most famous of all the beautiful game reserves in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is a 20, 000 sq km expanse of untouched natural terrain, and is home to a variety of African flora and fauna.......

Gauteng's largest fresh oyster festival in johannesburg south africa
The Brightwater Commons annual Oyster Festival is the largest of it's kind in Gauteng province South Africa and is second only to the Knysna Oyster Festival. It is one of Johannesburg's most pleasurable and indulgent festival....

Experience a Luxury Safari in South Africa
A Luxury African safari is extremely popular amongst safari enthusiasts from all over the world, offering you the thrill of close encounters with the wild as well as the unique atmosphere of 5 star lodges. You really get the best of both worlds....

The following are some ideas that might help you along to write YOUR story.
  • What do you love about South Africa ?

  • Of all the sensational wildlife national parks in South Africa, which one is your favourite ?

  • Tell us about your most breathtaking experience in South Africa's national parks.

  • "South Africa’s scenery is just sensational"!! Do YOU agree? Please share with us.

  • What is YOUR most unforgettable South African safari experience? Tell us YOUR story.

  • Let others benefit from your experience, share your South Africa travel info and tips.

  • Do you have a picture to go along with your South Africa travel story? Do share it with us together with your story.
And so there must be dozens of subjects for a great South Africa travel story. We can't wait to receive yours.

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