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The stunning city of Durban on the eastern seaboard of South Africa is a thriving bustling metropolis, full of promise and energy. The locals, who affectionately refer to themselves as "Durbanites", are friendly, helpful and welcoming and will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

With its cultural smorgasbord, vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, amazing architecture and diverse collection of interesting things to see and do, this is a magnificent city in which you could never be bored.

Now what more could you possibly ask for from a holiday destination.

Durban, South Africa's third largest city, is a majestic coastal jewel situated on the Eastern seaboard of Southern Africa, where you will find a rich diversity of culture and entertainment, with something to suit everybody.

Originally named after Sir Benjamin D'Urban, a former governor of the Cape colony, it was renamed "eThekwini" as part of the post-apartheid reforms. The name comes from the Zulu word itheku which means "bay or lagoon".

The stunning golden mile Durban beachfront
copyright © South African tourism The stunning golden mile Durban beachfront

The rich cultural heritage found here stems from a colonial history of foreign settlers and wars over the land between the British, the Boers and the Zulus. This is one of the reasons for Durban being South Africa's most ethnically diverse and multicultural city, with an eclectic mix of beliefs and traditions. This city really captures the essence of Nelson Mandela's "rainbow nation".

A Zulu lady with traditional headdress
copyright © South African tourism A Zulu lady with traditional headdress

Of the city's 3,486,086 inhabitants, the Zulu's form the largest ethnic group. Another reason for the city's ethnical diversity is the largest population of Indians outside of India, residing here.

This strong Indian presence is what makes it the place to go for some of the finest curries you will ever taste. The Caucasian population is mostly of British descent, with the smallest group being the colored population.

A "durbanite" Indian dancer in traditional Indian dress and jewelry
Durban South Africa - copyright © South African tourism Indian dancer in traditional Indian dress and jewelry

Durban boasts the largest and busiest harbor in South Africa and is the gateway to Southern Africa's import/export trade. The newly developed King Shaka International Airport sees tourists flocking here all year round, with the main draw card being its warm tropical climate and year long beach culture. Golden sands meeting the warm Indian Ocean makes this a tropical paradise and the ideal outdoor playground for everyone.

Having a poolside drink at one of the luxury Durban beach resorts
copyright © South African tourism Having a poolside drink at one of the luxury Durban beach resorts

The emergence of a plethora of world class tourist attractions and highlights, Ushaka Marine World, Moses Mabhida Stadium, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, and the redevelopment of the famous Golden Mile, to name but a few, has made this a highly sought after tourist destination. It has also risen up the ranks as a world class sporting venue, with international rugby, cricket, hockey and soccer teams regularly visiting the city for sporting events.

Enjoy the exuberant nightlife along the golden mile beachfront of Durban
copyright © South African tourism Enjoy the exuberant nightlife along the golden mile beachfront of Durban

Next to a number of sites of historical importance, like the battlefields of the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer wars that are visited by people from all over the world, there are also two World Heritage Sites found not far away from this wonderful city.

They are the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park and the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, both being a source of great pride. While the city is a tourists dream, it is only when you explore beyond the city limits that you discover the true treasures this area has to offer.

The spectacular uKhahlamba Drakensberg national park, a 2 hours drive from Durban
Durban South Africa - copyright © South African tourism The spectacular uKhahlamba Drakensberg national park, a 2 hours drive from Durban

As you venture towards the sea, you encounter the vast coastal paradise of picturesque beaches that is the Dolphin Coast, many still surrounded by natural vegetation, giving a truly rustic, African feel.

Move further inland to discover expansive Nature Reserves filled with African wildlife and unspoiled wilderness. The Valley of a Thousand Hills consists of an abundance of indigenous and exotic flora that paint the landscape in bright, bold and beautiful colours.

In this video clip you are taken on a guided tour of the city of Durban, visiting some great attractions such as uShaka, the Moses Mabhida Stadium, the Victoria Street Market and others.

Glorious sunshine, warm water, great waves and lots of fun, an impression of Durban's awesome beaches in the video clip below.

With all that Durban has to offer, it's little wonder that in 2010 it was rated as a Gamma Class World City by the Globalization and World Rankings Resaerch Institute which is is considered the leading institute ranking world cities.

Last but not least, Durban has a well-developed IT and mobile communications infrastructure with all the modern social media conveniences one would expect to find in first world countries.

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