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All about the lovely Knysna weather

Knysna weather and climate features of the National Lake Area comprise moderately hot summers, and mild to chilly winters. Whatever the season, Knysna stays green and any time of the year is good for visiting the area.

It receives rain throughout the year, although about 70% of that falls at night and mostly in summer.

The number of sunny days throughout the year averages around the 300 mark.

Warm to hot during the day, but cooling at night in summer. Cool to warm during the day but chilly at night in winter.

The summer season falls within the period October to March. The months April to September are regarded as the off season winter period.

Knysna lies in the southern hemisphere within one of the most temperate climates in the world, where the seasons are the reverse of those in the northern hemisphere.

Sunset over the Knysna lagoon - Knysna Weather and Climate Features
Sunset over the Knysna lagoon
Knysna Weather and Climate Features
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With its Mediterranean climate, summers are moderately hot and winters generally mild. Mid-summer temperatures vary between 24°C and 30°C. They rarely go above 30°C. Summer night time temperatures average around 14°C

In the mid-winter months (June, July and August), days are often mild and warm but when the sun sets, the air becomes crisp and cold. The average maximum temperature during the winter months ranges around 16C° to 17°C. Winter night time temperatures average around 10°C

Knysna lagoon panorama - Knysna Weather and Climate Features
Knysna lagoon panorama
Knysna Weather and Climate Features
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The rainfall in Knysna is one of the richest rainfall percentages in South Africa with the wettest time of the year being between October and December. Rainfall average for the summer ranges around 75 mm per month and for the winter around 71 mm per month.

The Searchable and interactive weather indicator below delivers weather condition, temperature, pressure, and wind information of the weather station at Knysna.

It tells the time, changes colours depending on weather severity (the blue bar turns red to indicate importance), and allows you to instantly click over to detailed forecast information, radar images, and travel information.

Should the weather conditions being reported in this indicator show severe weather or weather warnings, the blue bar at the top of the sticker becomes red to draw attention. To top it all off, there's a search box that will let you jump to any location of your choosing.

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