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Knysna Webcam and Video Clips

Enjoy these Knysna webcam and video clips of the National Lake Area nestling on the banks of a stunningly beautiful lagoon. Situated on the famous Garden Route, it is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations.

Flanked by the Indian Ocean in the south and the Outeniqua mountains in the north, it is a natural paradise of indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches.

Watch the videos clips below, to get an idea of what we are talking about.

The Knysna Elephant Park

A visit to the Knysna Elephant Park is an absolute must. Elephants used to roam the indigenous forests in and around the Knysna National Lake Area in large numbers. The Park allows you to get very close to these gentle giants, who live in a controlled, free range environment.

They will also offer you the once in a lifetime opportunity to ride one of these incredible creatures. Enjoy spectacular views of the Outeniqua mountain range as you ride through indigenous Cape fynbos.

Watch the next two Knysna webcam video clips and enjoy the ride.

The beautiful Knysna Loeri

The beautiful Knysna Loerie also known as Knysna Turaco (Turaco corythaix) or “Bosloerie”, is endemic to the mature evergreen forests of southern and eastern South Africa. It is an elusive but exciting bird, with its vividly contrasting red wings and green body.

The red and green colours of birds, are generally caused by light reflection, but in the case of the Knysna Loerie, it is the work of real pigment. Nearly identical to the Livingstone Loerie or Livingstone's Turaco (Tauraco livingstonii).

Watch them on the Knysna webcam video clips below, taken in the Knysna National Lake Area.

The Knysna Heads

On of the most well known landmarks are called "The Heads", two massive sandstone cliffs On each side of the mouth of the Knysna lagoon, where the estuary meets the sea.

A lookout has been erected on the Eastern Head, commanding spectacular views of the lagoon, Leisure Isle and Knysna. The Western Head is a privately owned nature Reserve - Featherbed Bay.

Join us for a very rare view of this famous landmark, flying through the gap between "The Heads" in a Cessna 210 small airplane.

The town of Knysna

The town of Knysna has a great atmosphere, abuzz with activity, warmth and friendliness. Especially during the summer period it is like a beehive of tourist activity and happy holiday makers with an excited vibe hanging in the air.

Walking down the main street you can feel the great way of life the town has and how it has retained its original village charm.

Watch this Knysna webcam video clip and explore the beautiful town of Knysna.

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