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Mapungubwe National Park, things to do

Mapungubwe National Park,...things to do

Mapungubwe National Park is simply stunning, offering a great number and variety of archaeological sites, San rock-art sites, African wildlife and Big Five experiences.

But the highlight of anyone’s visit to this incredible part of the world is the beauty of the area.

Huge boulders, rocky koppies, sheer cliff faces, wild fig trees that cling to rock faces and huge indigenous trees that stand tall amidst grassland.

Activities include guided tours to the archaeological and cultural sites, visiting the Tree top walk, game viewing at various game and bird hides, self guided trails, Eco routes, birding trips and night drives.

Walk up to the top of Mapungubwe Hill, one of the seven Unesco World Heritage Sites in South Africa and residence of the rulers of the first indigenous monarchy of Southern Africa.

Visitors have to go with a guide, who will explain the history and show you points of interest on the summit.

Rock formation in the Park
Rock formation in the Park

Enjoy the fantastic panorama as it unfolds from the viewing decks at The Confluence, the place where not only the Limpopo and Shashe rivers join, but also the three countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Mapungubwe Hill, home of the royalty of a lost civilisation
Mapungubwe Hill, home of the royalty of a lost civilisation

Birders will find this National Park with more then 400 bird species quite spectacular. There are various bird and game hides in the Park, such as the Tree Top boardwalk near Leokwe camp with views across the Limpopo river and the hide at Maloutswa pan near Limpopo Forest Tented camp.

Purple Roller (Coracias naevius)
Purple Roller (Coracias naevius)
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For the four-wheel drive enthusiasts there is the 45km Tshugulu Eco Route. The drive will take you about 4 to 6 hours, depending on how often you stop to view game or enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Limpopo valley. There are picnic spots along the route.

Four-wheel drive adventure trail in the Park
Four-wheel drive adventure trail in the Park

Take an early-morning bush walk with field guides, who'll point out interesting plants, trees, birds and game. They can also take you to see various rock-art sites. Do the Tree Top Walk and walk between the tops of the riverine forest trees on a raised boardwalk that takes you to a hide overlooking the Limpopo river.

Tree-top forest walk in the National Park
Tree-top forest walk in the National Park

Although you'll see plenty of game while driving on your own, you'll learn more about the park on a guided drive. There are morning, sunset and night drives. They are subject to the availability of qualified staff and vehicles, so do check with the Park authorities.

Landscape in the Park
Landscape in the Park

There is a guided three-day hike called the Vhembe Trail witch can be taken at a leisurely pace (three to five hours walking a day). Trailists will be able to explore the rich archaeology of the area on foot with a guide, and will visit the famous mountain where the golden rhinoceros was found.

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Mapungubwe National Park, things to do
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