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Mountain Zebra National Park activities

The endangered mountain zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park - Things to do in the Park

The rare and endangered Mountain Zebras are the main attraction of the Mountain Zebra National Park (MZNP). But there are also many other interesting animals, like the many antelopes that live in the park. Get close to nature and enjoy the animals and birds amidst great sceneries and landscapes.

Reside in a lush, lavish and laid back atmosphere and indulge in personal attentive service.

Enjoy a tasty meal at the "a la carte" restaurant, refresh yourself with a revitalizing dip in a sparkling pool or rediscover the magic of nature on a horseback ride.

Find out more about about this national park with its beautiful scenery:

Zebras in the dust - the endangered Mountain Zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park
Zebras in the dust

copyright © National Geographic (stock)

The activities offered at the camp include the following:
  • Game viewing from own vehicle.
  • Guided game drives.
  • Picnic sites.
  • Mpofu 3-day hiking trail: R160 per person (booking essential) with accommodation in two overnight huts.

  • San cave paintings.
  • Short walking trails.
  • Imbila trail (1km, 20 min) and the Black Eagle trail (3km, 2 hrs) start next to the swimming pool.
  • Idwala hiking trail (10km) long starts at the Rest Camp and passes the famous Big Rock.
  • 4x4 Trails:

  • Sonnenrust 4x4 Trail: this 14.2km trail starts on the Ubejane Loop and ends on the Link Road (which joins Ubejane to Rooiplaat Loops). It is situated in the north-western area of the Park, skirting the base of Saltpeterskop and ending on a plateau with scenic views.
    Juriesdam 4x4 Trail: this 10km trail starts and ends on the main entrance road into the Park. It explores the eastern plateau area of the Park.
Getting away from the Crocodiles - The endangered Mountain Zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park
Getting away from the Crocodiles

copyright © Arno en Louise Meintjes

One really feels close to nature in the Mountain Zebra National Park. There are opportunities for game viewing from your own vehicle, riding in the bracing mountain air, walking along several nature trails, or undertaking the 3 day hiking trail (with overnight huts). The short nature trails are ideal for day visitors or those who are not up for a full hike. Experienced guides ensure your safety and are able to provide you with extensive information.

Lonely Ostrich - The endangered Mountain Zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park
Lonely Ostrich

Photograph by Nick Turner

The trails will allow you to experience wildlife and nature from very close. The trails start at the camp. Ask at the reception to get a small map and some advice on the trails. There is no danger when walking the trails, as there are no dangerous animals like lion in the park, but it is not uncommon to see fighting Baboons or relaxing Kudus and Zebras in the distance during a walk. A “braai” (South African word for barbeque) is the perfect finish of a long day full of adventure.

Portrait of the beautiful Secretary bird - The endangered Mountain Zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park
Portrait of the beautiful Secretary bird

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The 3 day hiking trail takes in the parks most beautiful and dramatic scenery, and is by far the best way to experience the park. The trail is criss-crossed with game tracks and there are Bushmen paintings to be discovered. The 31 km trail takes three days and two nights to complete, and leaves from and arrives back at the rest camp. Overnight accommodation is provided in picturesque stone huts.

Hartmanns Mountain zebras - The endangered Mountain Zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park
Hartmanns Mountain zebras

Photograph by Martin Heigan

Thousands of years ago stone age inhabitants used to live in the area now proclaimed as national park. Evidence of their settlements is found along the banks of the Wilger River. There are some 30 sites with pottery and stone artifacts that have been identified through research done by the University of Stellenbosch.

Landscape of the Mountain Zebra National Park, home to the endangered Mountain Zebras
Landscape of the Mountain Zebra National Park
Photograph by Dinkybird

The San people left evidence of their lives about 300 years ago in at least three rock shelters containing rock art in the Park. The paintings show an antelope, baboons, a large cat - possibly a leopard or cheetah - and human figures. Visitors can view the rock paintings in one of the shelters by hiring a Park guide to show them the way.

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Mountain Zebra National Park activities
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